From the intricacies of communication to the subtleties of Business Protocol, Paula delivers the requirements to succeed, excel and enjoy today’s world.

Paula challenges her audience to come out of their cubicles, offices and homes to engage other people in communication. And not just idle conversation, but good, effective communication. It saves time, it’s honest and it’s effective. Her clients examine and improve current skills, learn new ones and enjoy the experience; a winning combination!

With a Master’s degree in Education, Paula has developed and implemented training strategies and programs tailored to the unique and diverse environments she has served. From technical seminars to public communications, Paula has designed and developed successful training programs for major national and multinational institutions.

Paula is an award winning speaker, trainer and executive coach who works across the US and Canada. She uses stories, examples and humor to engage and invite her audience into the learning experience. People find themselves in her stories, whether it be caught in the middle of an office conflict or caught in the middle of an awkward moment at a social event. She gives the tools to survive and thrive in tough situations.