Spit It Out!

“You know, like, I was thinking, like, maybe we should, like, talk to the team, like, you know what I mean?” I talked last week with a young professional who […]

Technology and the Challenge of Keeping Your Audience Engaged

By Tim Kubiak Tie your tie, shine your shoes, stand up straight, know your material, engage your audience, make your point, be persuasive and win the business.  Sure, the list […]

The Lake and the Lily Pads

The following story speaks to the importance of being alert to changes within our organizations.  I found it awhile ago but do not have the name of the author, so […]

This Year I Will . . .

Some of you have already made New Year resolutions and some of you have not and never will.  Of the New Year resolutions I’ve heard so far, I’ve thought some […]

Five Years From Now

What you know today is not what you will know five years from now.  That’s a given.  What isn’t a given is what you will know, how much you will […]