“More, more, more of Paula; the best part of the day!”

– Business Etiquette evaluation

The keynote speaker you chose will set the tone for the entire conference – and you will want to set an energetic, positive tone right from the beginning!  Break -out speakers continue the process; they are responsible for maintaining the pace of your conference, enticing people to want more.

With this in mind, what qualities are you looking for in your next speaker?

Motivation . . . Connection . . . Information . . . Depth?

Creativity . . . Realism?

You say you’d like them all?  We can do that. Take a look below at Paula’s keynote speeches and break-out sessions.

25-Piece Puzzle

Too often we hesitate to embrace opportunity.  We don’t go the extra mile, or even take an extra step. We see it as too much work or as having too many pieces that need to be assembled in order to achieve success.  However if we have the right combination of skills, we can embrace opportunity and turn a thousand piece headache into a simple, 25-piece puzzle.  This is a fun and very interactive learning experience.

Professionalism in a Dot.Com World

Do you ever wish you felt more comfortable in business or social settings?  Have you ever lost a business deal without quite knowing why?  You may consider yourself a professional, but do others?  Whether you are representing your company at an important event in New York or having lunch with a major client in your home town, you want to make a positive and lasting impression.  With humor and precision, Paula delivers the tips and insight to polish your professional image.  Today’s dynamic business leaders are protocol savvy.  Are you?

Speak Up, Speak Well

Step up when asked to speak; embrace the opportunity to change attitudes, build commitment or just deliver the goods!  People want the connection of words, they want to be motivated and they want you to do it!  Paula will give you the tools to get there.  Presentation got a bad rap when it was listed as Americans’ number one fear.  Paula’s two step method to delivering outstanding presentations eliminates this negative stigma and helps you to be a dynamic speaker.

 “Loved Paula’s energy and sense of humor!”

– Business Etiquette evaluation


If you are looking for a tailor-made break-out session, consider these competencies:

Leadership and Communication:

Listening, feedback, non-verbal messages, summarizing and paraphrasing, establishing rapport, building trust, maintaining objectivity, giving credit, personality styles, managing difficult people, problem solving, conflict management and confrontation, leading change, facilitation, motivation staff, framing messages, un-mixing messages, and building commitment.

Business Protocol:

Introductions, hosting the business lunch, how to eat certain foods, knowing what fork to use when, engaging in conversation, remembering names, working the social event, entering and leaving a group, managing or refusing cocktails, finessing the formal dinner, offering a good handshake, showing deference in seating, cars, elevators and doors; and finally, holding your plate, glass and napkin all in your left hand leaving your right hand free to greet others.

Presentation or Speaking:

First impressions, delivery tips, managing the jitters, connecting with the audience, engaging the audience, using humor, motivating the audience, using technical language, visual aids, team presentation, Q&A, and informative, persuasive, sales and report presentations.