Some of you have already made New Year resolutions and some of you have not and never will.  Of the New Year resolutions I’ve heard so far, I’ve thought some to be old and tired, but some are fun and innovative!  So I jumped on the internet to see what I could find out about New Year Resolutions.  Again, some were old and tired, but some were good and very inviting.

To begin, I learned that The Roman emperor Julius Caesar officially declared January 1 to be a New Year in 46 B.C.  It was a time to look back and a time to look forward and somewhere between then and now we added the New Year resolution.

I found these resolutions: delegate more, plan weekly, put time on your calendar for you and drop what’s not working and move on.

But the three resolutions I liked most were:

  1. Learn Something New,
  2. Join a New Oganization or Networking Group, and
  3. Give Something Back to the Community.

Think about it – Learn Something New. Granted, we learn new things every day, but how often do you plan to learn something new?

This resolution opens up a whole new array of possibilities. You can chose to learn anything – big or small.  If you apply the resolution to work, you can learn how your organization’s call center operates or you can learn how to negotiate.  You can learn how to communicate better, mediate or problem solve.  You can learn how to manage your time better.

If you chose to apply the resolution outside of work, the sky is the limit.  You can learn French.  You can learn how to ski, sky dive, play the piano or play chess.  You can learn about different regions of the United States or you can learn about a country in which you always thought it might be nice to live . . .

In the process of learning something new, you may meet other people who will become good friends or who may become clients.

I was drawn to the second resolution, Join a New Business or Networking Group because I have experienced the energy that comes from people with like minds coming together to learn from and to help one another.

The third resolution, Give Something Back to the Community can be a direct result of Joining a New Business or Networking Group.  These two resolutions work together in that once you become involved in a new group, the energy created may need an outlet – and the group will be sure to have many volunteer opportunities through which you can give back to the community.

If I combine all three of these resolutions, I still come up with Learn Something New!  It is a compelling idea and I challenge you consider adding it to your New Year Resolutions; after all, it’s never too late for one more.

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