Business SeminarYour greatest results come from meetings led by competent facilitators. The same is true for focus groups, brainstorming, project and event planning. The facilitator supports and leads everyone involved in the group to do their best thinking, speaking and collaboration. They encourage, understand, question and connect information, people and ideas. Consider:

  • Do people dread sitting through long, mismanaged meetings? Do you dread long, mismanaged meetings?
  • The key to your company’s growth is lying dormant within your employees – you need to get to it!  But you’re not sure how to bring everyone together – you’re not sure how to harvest their great potential!
  • Do you implement new strategies only to find employees resisting your efforts?

The Leader as Facilitator

The facilitator works with people to bring ideas together to solve problems or reach agreement. Facilitation encourages and combines ideas, produces collaborative decision making and saves time. Leadership training includes the ability to facilitate groups and this leadership development class provides the skills and tools to be a facilitator. This class is designed for people in leadership positions.

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Understand the need for and process of facilitation.
  • Learn how to encourage ideas.
  • Learn how to encourage contribution.
  • Review and learn communication skills required for good facilitation.
  • Develop listening, paraphrasing and summarizing skills.
  • Learn and apply facilitation tools.
  • Maintain neutrality.
  • Sharpen ability to focus on process and outcomes.